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Survival instincts

When we travel, we must do some things, no matter where we are. Such as sleep, use the toilet and . . . eat. No matter where we are, we usually carry a particular kinship with the foods that we grew up with. And, often when you travel, you’ll be faced with a cuisine that is so totally foreign (no pun intended) to you that you may decide to sit out the meal and just drink a bottle of Coke. (But don’t do that! Discovering new foods is also one of life’s biggest thrills, as well.)

So, if you’re the cautious / nervous type when it comes to eating, you may approach your first meal in a completely new country with some trepidation. Fair enough, but, as you travel, you’ll also know that finding familiar foods is actually not that difficult: global brands prevail, and the people want what the people get. You’ll inevitably find your “comfort zone” eateries. But, push forward and try something new, maybe from a small café just around the corner from your hotel.

If this isn’t reassuring enough for you, behold the Tour Around The World With 40 Food Maps, courtesy of Click here.

If you love fast food, you’re well-served … no pun intended. But the world is simply full of yumminess.

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Budget: $$$
Typical Prices – hotel US $307 for three nights; food vouchers US $4.89
When to go: anytime
Family friendly: 3 of 5 stars
Public transportation: 3 of 5 stars
Main languages: Chinese, English
English speaking: 3 of 5 stars
LGBTQ+ Equality Index rank: 66 / 100

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