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Super low-cost hotel in NYC

New York City is expensive: we all know that, and it is almost always at the top when it comes to places to live. New York City, shared the top spot with Singapore last year, but now ties for the third position with Geneva, Switzerland. The average apartment rent in New York City is $4,469 per month: any rental south of $3,575 would be considered cheap in The Big Apple. Yikes!

So what is an enthusiastic and inspired NYC wannabe to do if NYC is the desired destination, but the funds are more like vapors? Watch video below from a New Yorker who was feeling the cash squeeze and started to think laterally about the next big step – even if that big step is water. And a tiny island.

Overnight On NYC’s Tiniest Island. Now – full disclosure. The YouTuber doesn’t own the island, or anything of that nature, but his spelunking via a kayak enabled him to sleep – for free – on one of the most expensive plots of land on the Hudson. Who knows, he might try it again. Who knows, maybe you might try it. But, if you do hear the calling, watch the video and take notes, as there are lots of potential gotchas and caveats. Still, if you intend to try it, it may be the best trip to NYC that you’ve ever taken.

Maybe you might want to scope out your NYC holiday island by boat. Click here to sleuth (and to have fun.)

You may want to have a Plan B to flee out of NYC if you get caught. OMIO is your savior. Click here.

You’ll need a kayak and other stuff for this adventure. Cabela’s has it all. Click here.

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