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Space Camp

Who hasn’t fancied becoming an astronaut? As you read this, we can see you imagining the possibilities. The opportunity to explore the unknown and experience the vastness of space is a powerful draw. The idea of going where few have gone before and contributing to human knowledge is thrilling.

 Tracy Caldwell Dyson in the Cupola module of the International Space Station

And, to be sure, the experience of weightlessness, seeing Earth from space, and potentially walking on the Moon or Mars are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are incredibly compelling. But who has time for that, when you can be out partying? Don’t worry, we have a solution that will satisfy all of your desires: Space Camp, located in Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Click here courtesy of of affiliate friends, Going.

As a hub for space tourism and the birthplace of the Apollo space program—which ultimately sent American astronauts to the moon—the Center launched Space Camp in 1982 to inspire explorers with a rigorous program based on real-life NASA astronaut training. It’s about as close as you can get to being an astronaut without actually leaving the planet.

Taking a break from the various training exercises at a three-day water survival school held near Homestead Air Force Base, Florida, are some of the first female astronaut candidates in the U.S. space program. Left to right are Sally K. Ride, Judith A. Resnik, Anna L. Fisher, Kathryn D. Sullivan and Rhea Seddon.

The Center offers extensive programming, Space Camps varying in duration and intensity, and available whether you’re participating as an adult, child, or with your entire family.

The Adult Space Academy is a three-day, two-night immersive experience, where you’re thrown into life as an astronaut-in-training. Alongside a small group of other explorers, you’ll sleep in the same dorm room, eat together, and bond quickly as you become the latest team trained to explore the farthest reaches of space. There are several locations where you can shoot for the moon.

To get started in your space adventures, Click here courtesy of of affiliate friends, Going.

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