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Snooty Foxes. Make no mistake.

Here is a tale about making sure that you have made sure and have double-checked that you have booked the correct place: it is paramount. Double triple check your work before handing it in. Call ahead and confirm. Give yourself plenty of time to find it and arrive safely. This, of course, is good advice, no matter what. But, when you travel – especially long distances – you’ll want to be sure that everything is perfect. You’ll be glad you did. Why? Here is the tale of two hotels call The Snooty Fox. One is in Los Angeles, USA. The other is in leafy Tetbury, UK. They are 8634 km apart. What could possibly go wrong?

LA needs no introduction. Vast, wild, fun, complex, a true holiday destination. It’s  the center of the nation’s film and television industry. Sun, surf. movie stars and endless freeways.

Tetbury. Ever heard of it? We lived in the UK for decades and I still had to look it up. (FYI – The centre of Gloucester is 37 km from The Snooty Fox and Bristol is a 45-minute drive away. It’s a lush green part of England.) It’s a different kind of destination, to be sure.

So, to our story. There is a hotel in LA called The Snooty Fox. (picture above.) It has a reputation. As you’ll read further on, Vermont Square’s Snooty Fox Motor Inn is much, much worse than that bad. The writer’s first encounter with the staff went like this” It’s now my turn to speak to the disembodied voice on the other side of the completely blacked-out window. When I say black, I mean black—it is impossible to see what is taking place on the other side. Sandwich eating? Solitaire playing? Human trafficking? The possibilities are endless. The rest of the experience seems to follow a similar trajectory. You can read it here courtesy of (That is LA Curbed’s opinion. We make no assumptions about what you might want.)

You can book the US Snooty Fox here.

For comparison, across the sea (and then some) is Tetbury UK’s Snooty Fox, below. It is rather different from the US incarnation. The Snooty Fox is set in the heart of the market town of Tetbury and offers en-suite rooms with traditional décor and free WiFi access throughout. The property features an on-site bar, a restaurant and a terrace. A full English breakfast is served every morning in the common breakfast area and a variety of British specialities is available on the inn’s restaurant for lunch and dinner. Guests can get drinks and refreshments in the property’s bar or on the terrace throughout the day.

You can book the UK Snooty Fox here.

A typical pub night in the UK. Everyone is welcome, even doggies.

No matter which Snooty Fox you choose (double-check your work) has it. Click here.

Hertz has cars in both the UK and the USA. You’ll probably want one. Click here.

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