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Sleepy time with the wolves

Wolves get a bad rap in the human world. Throughout history, wolves have often been portrayed negatively in folklore, mythology, and fairy tales. They are often depicted as villains, symbols of darkness, or as creatures that prey upon livestock and humans. These stories have perpetuated negative stereotypes and fear of wolves. But, anyone with any common sense will know that wolves are mostly demons in humans’ minds. And here’s some lovely, “so close you can touch it” proof.  

Parc Oméga, a wildlife park in Montebello, Canada, in the province of Québec, changes that. Here, you can enter the forests of fairytales and stay at overnight cabins that brush up against a protected wolf habitat—the only place in North America where humans can join the wolfpack for a night. You’ll stay in a rustic log home that offers floor-to-ceiling windows that allow guests to view the wolves up close without disrupting their habitat. And sometimes you’ll be up-close-and-personal with the packs, as they say “hello” through your home. This will be an experience that you – and the kids – will never forget.

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