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Sleep on a waterfall

Mother nature sure gives us the raw materials that we need to do what we need, and what we want. We won’t go into the obvious discussion about how some of us humans misuse those resources, as that is an obvious and easy topic to deflect the good that exists. So, let’s start with that most wonderful and essential gift: water. We humans literally need it. Some treasure it, some squander it, some hoard it, and some never have enough.

Here we feature some thinking humans who, over many decades, have molded and shaped the earth beneath them to be as useful as possible and, in the end, create an environment that respects, but also enhances the environment without succumbing to tasteless fads or bad design decisions. we recently stumbled upon this Canadian hotel that does all of that. The Elora Mill Hotel & Spa is the kind of place that you want to find, where you’re treated to singular service, rather than a cold placard on the door handle. It’s run by a family, rather than a corporation. It’s also interesting in that it will take a bit of time and effort to get there, but the result is worth it. Based in Elora, Ontario Canada, the hotel is set in a stone 19th-century mill with annexes, and this refined hotel straddles the Tooth of Time waterfall on the Grand River. It’s 2 km from hiking trails in the Elora Quarry Conservation Area and 6 km from Highway 6.

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