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Sleep cheap on a Chinese train

If you spend any time scouring the travel sites (including ours) it won’t take much effort to see that China is – finally – becoming the place to visit. The doors are opening up, westerners are welcomed with open arms (provided that you don’t prove yourself to be an idiot) and the ways and means of getting there are easier than ever. We here at Matouring are constantly promoting rail travel on our site, and China is no newcomer to rail. With 1.412 billion residents, China needs to be efficient to stop things from grinding to a halt – and they are. With that many citizens and that sheer size of the country, (China, officially the People’s Republic of China,) it spans the equivalent of five time zones and borders fourteen countries by land.9.6 million square kilometers (3.7 million square miles.)

In short, rail is absolutely critical to make the country function. But what if you don’t reside in China and wish to get around the country? Yes, rail is, again, the answer. Watch the fun, funny and – most of all – incredibly useful video about how to choose, book and ride the least expensive sleeper train in China.

Not only will you go away really informed about how to approach choosing and buying your tickets, you’ll also learn quite a bit about China itself, and this includes smaller cities as well. Watch above courtesy of Yin’s Travel. And then start packing! PS, if you read our articles, you might see similarities with Yin to Japan’s Kuga, who we have featured many times here. They’re both great. Have fun!

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