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Silent running

Another rail post for you and, as ever, it’s based in Europe. We won’t bang on and on about how some countries (we’re talking to you, USA) still don’t get rail. It is not the future. It’s the present and the future. And, to make an even finer point on that, Europe’s first battery-powered trains are here.

Europe’s first trains to use batteries as a main source of power have arrived. Hitachi Rail announced last week that 20 tribrid trains—nicknamed “Blues”—are now running on rail lines across Italy. Europe’s first tribrid train capable of running on battery power, electricity and diesel has completed its phase one rollout in Europe. Hitachi Rail’s Masaccio to reduce carbon emissions by up to 50 per cent compared to diesel only trains that serve non electrified lines across Europe. The first twenty units have left Hitachi Rail’s Pistoia factory near Florence and are operating across Italy under the ‘Blues’ brand for national operator Trenitalia.

Make no mistake – rail is the future. Fast, clean, safe and inexpensive. If you’re not already, start getting yourself prepared. Once you experience it, you’ll never look back. We love rail. Click here for our compendium of rail news and articles. A lot is happening. Don’t let the news pass you by.

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