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Share and share alike

Back in the olden days of the electric interwebs, the whole intent of the thing was to share. Commerce came along later and that was that: making money became more important than making friends or making a difference. Of course, if you work hard with good intent, then fortune – if not fame – would come your way. But, how many of the internet stars of yore are still around, or still remembered?

Maybe we’re too old and idealistic about what the internet was meant to be. So, when we find something online where the creator is simply offering their skills to make the world a better place, we feel like this kind of citizen of the world should be highlighted and lauded, as well as promoted.

Online creators, World Wild Hearts (Zac and Ine) have devoted a boatload of time, effort and good vibes to share the earth with the rest of us. Their calm, thoughtful, measured and honest videos should be on everyone’s list before you set off for travel. But, they’ve gone one step further to share the love for those of us who create travel videos, but perhaps end up frustrated with the crap output. So, if that’s you, watch the video below where Zac and Ine walk you through how to make your mediocre videos top notch. You won’t look back. (PS – we have a few affiliates below who may be of some help. too.

You might need some new equipment. Hammacher Schlemmer is your Source. Click here.

You’ll want to be ready for anything. Mountain Warehouse are the best. Click here to explore.

If you need to drive, Roadtrippers are your best friends. Maps, activities and more. Click here.

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