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See ya in Sigiriya.

We had a look today and realised that we’ve created nearly 2,500 posts over the years. Win or lose, we always try to find the new and different for you, here. And we’re just as eager as you when it comes to discovering and savoring the wonders that our planet holds. One new place (for us, anyway) recently popped up on our radar and we’re pleased to share it with our readers. It’s Sigiriya. Often referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” is an ancient rock fortress and palace located in the Matale District of Sri Lanka. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the country’s most iconic landmarks. And, after reviewing some of the travel options there, you’ll be reaching for your suitcases. See below for flights, stays and activities.

The site provides insight into the ancient Sinhalese civilization, showcasing advanced architectural, engineering, and artistic skills of that era. This almost magical place is renowned for its breathtaking construction atop a massive rock plateau that rises nearly 200 meters (660 feet) above the surrounding plain.

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