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Sean Bean? In The Clink?

Sean Bean? The Clink?? Based on this post’s title, you may be asking yourself – “Now, what kind of gibberish is that?” A technical malfunction? Lazy proofreading? An obscure Gaelic reference to something important or enlightening? Knowing your editor, it could be any (or all) of the above. But, one thing is for sure; you wouldn’t want to be there. Let us enlighten you.

Follow in the footsteps of ex-convicts during a tour of Shrewsbury Prison, home to over 200 years worth of history. You’ll explore the former jail with a prison office who once managed the wings, for the inside scoop on what used to occur within the walls. You’ll hear tales about capital punishment and see the spots on which executions took place.

So, in the British way of speaking, The Clink is another word for jail. Furthermore, The Clink itself was actually a real prison in Southwark, England, which operated from the 12th century until 1780. The prison served the Liberty of the Clink, a local manor area owned by the Bishop of Winchester rather than by the reigning monarch. Filthy, dangerous and not a place you wanted to be, you would be accompanied by all sorts of rogues, scallywags and just plain murderers. Thus, the Clink could be any jail henceforth.

“Every moment is a fresh beginning."

Here is where Sean Bean comes in. If you’re of that leaning, we have a way for you to live that life in a slightly altered way. We shift it around a bit to where the British prison drama ‘Time‘ follows Mark Cobden, a husband, teacher and father who is sentenced to four years in prison after accidentally killing a man. Consumed by guilt, Mark openly accepts his sentence but is quickly confronted with the harsh realities of life inside.

The series also follows prison officer Eric McNally, who endeavors to protect those in his care, but finds that his job can be demanding in a tense and understaffed environment. Both Mark and Eric are faced with difficult choices as they fight for survival. You can see the show online – and it’s riveting stuff. Imagine being thrown into a hellish place, even though you’re innocent. Or are you? The experience we’re offering here is not your traditional adventure, but you will get out in one piece.

Experience the Shrewsbury jail for a tour of your own. Click here.

Take the train to Shrewsbury. It’s truly a lovely part of England. Click here.

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