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Sandoy Joy

Life’s simple pleasures are the best, especially when Mother Nature puts hurdles in your way and you find a way around it. In this post, the hurdle was rather huge: millions of years of rock and water, all part of living in Sandoy, the first of the five southern islands that make up the Faroe chain, the fifth biggest of all the Faroe Islands, an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark. It also refers to the region that includes this island along with Skúvoy and Stóra Dímun.

Sandoy is one of the Faroe Islands, an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, located between Iceland and Norway. The Faroe Islands are an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark. It is the fifth-largest of the Faroe Islands and is known for its beautiful landscapes, including rugged cliffs, rolling hills, and coastal scenery. As beautiful as it is, to get from one place to another, a boat will be inevitably part of the plan. The sea is another rather huge and unpredictable variable in your journey. Imagine if that was your daily commute. You would certainly wish for something better.

Well, hey presto, the government listened (which often happens in that smart, aware and egalitarian part of the planet) and not only did they tunnel under the sea, but created a rather spectacular roundabout that is not only under ground and dry, but it also features artwork by Trondur Patursson, who is a known Faroese artist. Imagine doing donuts in your hire car down there. (NOT REALLY!!)

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