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San Miguel de Allende

Mexico is a well-travelled and much-love destination for world-aware travelers. Above and beyond its gob-smacking food and its inexpensive cost of entry, it also shines because of its lovely inhabitants and all of the rich history that bathes the country. Like most places, it has its own issues to deal with, but that should never get in the way of visiting there. And, it is so easy and affordable to get there (see below for ideas.)

This post focuses not on the Mexican hotspots, such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or even Mexico City. Instead, we take a look at San Miguel de Allende, a sometimes overlooked, but spectacular destination. Very much a part of Mexico, it still feels like you are somewhere else.

Visit a small city that captures the imagination with striking-looking architecture, ancient religious buildings and the creative output of talented Mexican artisans.

San Miguel de Allende has cobbled streets, gardens, leafy courtyards and Spanish colonial architecture. The city was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Its star attraction is the compact historic center with centuries-old buildings. Wander through ancient streets, visit beautiful old churches, browse shops for artisanal goods and tap into the thriving art scene.

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