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Real Passports, Not Issued…

We usually think that governments have their processes in place, finely tuned. Given that they must service millions of citizens, the activities and outcomes have to to be streamlined. The reality, of course, is that our fearless leaders are human, just like us. Things go wrong, sometimes in a big way. Sometimes the outcomes are disastrous, other times they’re an inconvenience. Other times they’re funny. That’s the case here.

Real passports that are not issued typically refer to genuine passport booklets that have been produced by the passport issuing authorities but have not yet been issued to specific individuals. These passports are usually in possession of the issuing government or their authorized agencies, awaiting distribution to the rightful passport holders.

Pre-issuance processing: After the passports are printed, they may undergo additional verification, quality checks, and administrative procedures before they are ready for distribution. This can include verifying the accuracy of personal information, ensuring the passport’s security features are properly integrated, and conducting any necessary background checks.

Watch the video to see how “streamlined” processes sometimes aren’t, courtesy of the always interesting, always funny and usually speedy Half as Interesting.

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