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Rail Japan: where do you even start?

As if Japan itself isn’t exciting and alluring enough as it is, the icing on the cake is Japan’s rail system, surely one of the best on the planet. The country has consistently invested in the development and maintenance of its rail infrastructure. This includes high-speed shinkansen (bullet trains) and extensive urban transit networks, such as the Tokyo Metro. The country’s commitment to improving and expanding its rail system has contributed to its success. And, Japan has been at the forefront of rail technology development. The introduction of the shinkansen in 1964 revolutionized rail travel with its high-speed capabilities. Japan continues to innovate in areas like magnetic levitation (maglev) trains and automated fare collection systems.

Just the chance to take a maglev train should be enough to get you online and buying tickets right now, but, as you’ll see in the video above, there are loads of choices. Which is best? And which is the best deal? The video makes it so much easier to choose. And don’t forget Local trains; they are plentiful, frequent and inexpensive. They can get you almost anywhere.

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