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When your admin was young, and when the summer months finally arrived, one thing that we looked forward to was the chance to go camping. Our lovely and loving parents always found a way for us to spend our summers exploring. That’s where we got our wanderlust. Rather than sitting at home, bored to tears, we would pack up our trailer camper, attach it to our trusty Chevrolet Impala and head off to (what were for us) odd and unusual locations. We were in the USA, so we would often find ourselves in places like Gettysburg or Virginia, all in the search for discovering history, a love that all of the family shared and still do today: this website is a progeny of our parents’ love of adventure.

Europeans love their camping, so follow their lead when you’re on the continent. This is not bugs and queues and endless boredom. European camps probably have more things to do than many amusement parks

So, why should you take your holidays in Europe? What makes it so special? Well, first of all, the Natural Beauty: Europe is renowned for its stunning landscapes, ranging from majestic mountains to pristine beaches and dense forests. Camping allows you to immerse yourself in these scenic surroundings, providing opportunities for hiking, biking, and exploring nature up close.

Cultural Diversity: Europe is a continent rich in history and diverse cultures. Camping enables you to experience the local way of life, interact with people from different backgrounds, and gain a deeper understanding of European traditions, cuisines, and customs. Meeting new people is a natural thing to do when camping in Europe, and you’ll soon discover how easy it is to do so. And, if you only speak English, chances are good that many of the people that you meet will speak the language, too. And, so many times when you both try to communicate, it actually becomes a fun activity if you let it.

Europe offers an extensive network of well-maintained campsites, making it easy to find suitable accommodations and facilities. Whether you prefer tent camping, caravaning, or staying in a camper van, there are numerous campgrounds with various amenities and services available throughout the region.

And, most of all, its affordable. Camping can be a cost-effective way to travel in Europe, particularly if you’re on a budget. Campsites often provide affordable rates, especially compared to hotels or resorts. Additionally, preparing your meals at the campsite can save money on dining expenses.

And speaking of dining, you may wonder what plonk is? It’s a term that the Brits use for wine. Enjoy!

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