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Pixar needs little introduction. They have released films 27 over the years that have been screened all around the globe. With their own design style and motifs, it’s easy to recognize the work of the company. If you have kids, or are simply a film lover, you will – at the very least – have seen some of their work. If you’re an aficionado, your admiration of the company will go far beyond that.

And, speaking of that, how would you like to go beyond the films? You can, but you’ll need to step out of cyberspace and back into the real world – literally and physically. As you’ll see in the video below, some clever uber-fans have assembled a complete road trip for you to literally visit locations where it’s likely that Pixar wizards have drawn inspiration for the films you love. The US is usually thought of as New York, Miami or Los Angeles. Here, you have a chance to see the real USA – sometimes warts and all – but always surprising.

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