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Pace yourself

Here’s another article about our favourite place, Europe. But this one is probably the weightiest subject matter we’ve ever covered: you’ll need to duck just to avoid the puns. You are what you eat.

And this place – La Maisonnette Narbonnaise – Narbonne, France is worth driving to, as you will likely have trouble walking out. The highest summit of French gastronomy.

Les Grands Buffets in Narbonne have been offering the largest cheese platter in a restaurant in the world since December 2018 and since January 2020, they have held the Guinness World Record official record!

 Accompanied by Xavier Thuret, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Fromager, Louis Privat, founder of Les Grands Buffets and his wife Jane, Purchasing Director, went to the heart of the terroirs of France and Europe to unearth the best cheeses and compose the most beautiful collection . in the world of 111 cheeses , officially recognized by Guinness World Records. A setting of 30 linear meters has also been designed and fitted out to accommodate them.

May we suggest the La Maisonnette Narbonnaise (Proche Grands Buffets)? A six minute walk from the buffet!
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