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Have your (shooting brake) and eat it too

One would imagine that almost everyone – at least in their dreams – aspire to “The Good Life.” This phrase can take on many meanings – as many meanings as there are people on this earth. But, it’s safe to say that we all want something more, even if it’s just a little more.

Coincidentally, we’re in a time and place in space where things that we only dreamed we could have are not only available, but they’re do-able, as well. The internet has created happy marriages between those who want, and those who have. And the world is a better place for that.

Your editor loves automobiles of almost all kinds. I’ve had a few – some were classics – but I have never risen to the occasion to own a luxury motor car. Maybe I’m not that kind of guy, really. But, that doesn’t mean that I can’t have my shooting brake and eat it too. And so can you.

Manfred, a gentleman from Heidelberg, Germany, has such a vehicle, and he will be happy to show you around that most beautiful city from the back of his Mercedes S-Class. Can you imagine anything more relaxing, entertaining and informative? And you can always count on a total first-class experience – because that’s the way the Germans do it!

We’re sure you’re going to enjoy this. Click above to book.
You owe it to yourself to enjoy Lufthansa service. Top notch, as you might expect.
Wow – the City Partner Hotel Holländer Hof  is every bit as special as it looks. There is nothing like old Europe!