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One step to freedom

With all of the fighting and anger and upheaval of people’s lives in these very turbulent times, it’s rare and almost a shock to find a place where countries aren’t fighting or being threatened in one form or another. In all of our years of being old people, we can’t recall it being this terrifying.

So whenever we have the opportunity to write about something good and positive, we will jump on it. And here we discuss two countries that abut each other – both large in geography, one large in military might – and how, after hundreds of years have still managed to keep the peace. And not only keep the peace, but to set an example for how humans can actually co-exist.

Meet the US and Canadian border, where there are no walls, no armed guards, no observation towers. What replaces those are lovely green parks, places to spread out a blanket, have a picnic, and let your children and dogs run amok. And after spending some time in this bucolic retreat, everyone hops into their cars, and off they go, many of them not realizing what an unusual place they have just visited: Peace Arch.  

The park is uniquely located at the international border between Blaine, Washington, USA, and Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Visitors can easily walk between the two countries within the park, which makes for an interesting and novel experience. The park is home to the Peace Arch, a monument that commemorates the lasting peace between Canada and the United States. It was dedicated in 1921 to celebrate the Treaty of Ghent, which ended the War of 1812. The monument itself is an impressive structure, symbolizing the strong and peaceful relationship between the two nations.

Looks pretty terrifying, doesn’t it? It’s actually lovely for a day out. Pack your passport, though.

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