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Not for today, but someday.

We here at Matouring are not politically driven, but we do care about the world’s people. Do you ever shed a tear for some countries and its people who take the brunt of the pain when another country steps on top of it? Can you think of any countries that might do that, in the name of “freedom?” We can, and we’ve been witnessing this “lead boots” approach for decades. (We’re not speaking of Cuba here, but they are just one of the downtrodden. When will that stop?)

Let’s step away from the rhetoric and the pointless and tiresome chest-beating for now and imagine a world where countries (and their people) have the freedom to be themselves and live their lives. Most humans would choose “citizens of the earth” with the ability and yes, freedom to explore, learn and make new friends.

So, given the political thermometer that the world is now, it will be slightly risky for us to go out on a limb and propose that you give some deep thought and shed a tear for the people of Iran. Once a liberal, outreaching, intelligent and open place, the country has been pushed into the shadows again and again by global interlopers. And that is everyone’s loss. People are people. So, let’s imagine a world where you and they and we all can be free to just be people, and not hostages. Watch the video below and see how it once was, how it can be and how it should be. Enough of this sabre-rattling. Picture yourself driving Tehran To Caspian Sea. Watch the video above and see what geopolitics has taken away from us all. Peace and love.

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