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Must have gotten lost?

There’s nothing like trends to get the trendies going, whether it’s twerking or following stupid social media fads (remember eating Tide pods? Thoughts and prayers.) But here is a genuinely odd one, although it’s absolutely delightful in its own way. Behold when thousands of Chinese tourists started pouring into a random British village. And, being British, we can confirm that this is, indeed odd as – with all due respects – it’s a village where most Brits probably wouldn’t bother passing through, let alone embarking on a pilgrimage from tens of thousands of kilometers away from the other side of the planet. But, as they say, there’s nowt as queer as folk. We love everyone, though.

Kidlington is a suburb and civil parish in the Cherwell district of Oxfordshire, England. It is in-between the River Cherwell and Oxford Canal, 5 miles north of Oxford and 8 miles south-west of Bicester. It remains officially a village despite its size. Still, who are we to judge? To be fair, there is a Sainsburys nearby: their cheese and onion sandwiches are pretty excellent – try one. Stop by and let us know what you think. 参观时尚的基德灵顿。

Visit Blenheim Palace. Click here to be wowed by quaint British villages used as Downton Abbey filming locations.

Now, here’s a place to pause and relax. The Highwayman Hotel is located to the north of Kidlington, 9.6 km from Oxford, while Blenheim Palace is 4.8 km away. The Oxford Canal runs alongside the pub garden. Guests can enjoy walks by the water. These kinds of pubs are the best. Lovely! Click here to book.

Rentalcars have vehicles all over the planet. Enjoy the country lanes.

You can easily fly into nearby airports near Kidlington. Click here to book easyJet.

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