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Mexico in ruins

Relax – that title is not what you may think it is. We’re covering Chihuahua in this post. Maybe a better name would be Mexico n’ ruins. We’ve seen worse, though: we once heard someone pronounce it as “chiwowwow.” And another variation that we love is “chi-hua hua” as if it was an Hawaiian island. But, we digress. Mexico is as fine as its ever been, and its a fine place indeed: we love it and have explored the country many, many times and have only scratched the surface of what it has to offer. And we will continue to do that because there is simply too much to do in that historical and romantic country. And it’s so accessible.

Chihuahua is a Mexican state bordering the United States. Its capital, also called Chihuahua, is known for its Spanish Baroque cathedral and the 18th-century Palacio de Gobierno, a government building where massive murals depict major Mexican historical events. It’s lovely, diverse and relaxed, as is almost all of Mexico. You may think you know the country, but it is full of surprises.

As you’ll know, like most of the developed world, we love rail and Mexico is no exception.  In the southwest, Copper Canyon is a series of gorges that are linked to the capital by the famous Chepe (Ferrocarril Barrancas del Cobre) train. (some content courtesy of Google.) Image courtesy of

Click above to watch the video to learn more about Chihuahua and the rest of beautiful Mexico.

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