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Mellow Submarine

We’re confident that most of our adventuresome readers would jump at the chance to travel around in a submarine. Who wouldn’t? But it’s one thing to be inside a docked and static submarine, and it’s another thing entirely to be in a sub that silently whisks away to a new adventure. Does this adventure sound like you? Who wouldn’t? Well, we have your ticket, and even better, it’s in Puerto de Mogán in the Canary Islands.

Hop in the Golden Shark and discover all the charms of the seabed of Puerto de Mogán on a submarine tour. See shipwrecks and marvel at the wonderful marine fauna from its large -and and we do mean large windows.

Discover the seabed of Puerto de Mogán aboard the Golden Shark in a submarine tour. Explore the world beneath the waves and watch the maneuvers when diving and surfacing with TV screens available for each passenger. Reach depths of 25 meters without experiencing any change in pressure. Click here to book!

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