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Manilla Villa

It’s been a while, but we’re back with another episode of Never Too Small, the fab and clever YouTube channel that highlights how smart humans can be when confronted with predicaments: in this case, small living quarters. We have several episodes on our site, and they always impress us with their ingenuity, creativity and sheer style when it comes to “making do.” Ostensibly, the episodes are focused on people who live in small spaces because there is, often, not much choice: the world is huge and can be a beehive of humanity. But, that doesn’t mean that your “place in the sun” can’t be smart, comfortable, affordable and luxurious.

This episode, a Multifunctional Micro Apartment, Manila 28 sqm/301sqft is another masterful example of ingenuity, especially since there are five living there, three of them young males. Some may shun this lifestyle decision, but in this day and age, it just makes sense. How much room do you really need? 11,000 square feet? Those days and lifestyles are drifting away into history, when you can have less and still have more.

One aspect of this lifestyle is that it compels you to be eco, economical and clever. It also offer the possibility of living in the middle of a city, which is not only exciting, but it also has other benefits: walking, being one. And not having to wrangle the characteristics of managing a car (heck, the train and the bus are just steps away) the whole Never Too Small ethos simply makes sense. Watch more episodes here. Free yourself.

Manila, itself is a melting pot of cultures, offering a rich and diverse environment. This can expose young children to different traditions, languages, and customs, fostering a broader worldview. Also, the city offers a range of recreational activities and entertainment options suitable for families. Parks, malls, cultural events, and family-friendly attractions can contribute to an enjoyable lifestyle. Finally, Filipino cuisine is diverse and delicious. Exposing children to a variety of foods can be an enriching experience. Additionally, Manila offers a mix of international cuisines, catering to different tastes.

Manila also has well-established healthcare facilities and hospitals, providing access to quality medical services. Having reliable healthcare is essential for families, especially with young children.

Small is what it’s all about. Free yourself. Save money. Live your life. Go on, you can do it.

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