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Love is as wide as the sea

In principle, as humans, we’re permitted to do what we please, unless it effects others negatively. That’s the theory, anyway. As the oceans of human emotion ebb and tide, these rights of ours do the same. We’ve been alive for a long time and have lived through most of it. There have been periods where humanity was in love with itself and all that it brings – the 1960’s, for example. And, then there have been horrific times that we’ll never be able to cleanse ourselves of, no matter how hard we try. But, one thing should remain as a constant: we should be free to be who we want to be.

LGBTQ rights are in the news literally every day now, as its followers and proponents continue to fight the fight to be who they want to be. Many of you will know that this is not news. This is not even new. How long has the fight been quietly raging? Longer than you might think. In 1963, Spain was under the rule of General Francisco Franco, who maintained a strict dictatorship characterized by conservative social values. During this time, the LGBTQ+ community faced severe repression and discrimination. Under Franco’s regime, LGBTQ+ individuals were subjected to harassment, surveillance, and persecution by the authorities. There were no legal protections or rights for LGBTQ+ people, and any form of public expression of same-sex attraction was met with hostility and condemnation.

Read more about how Spain’s first gay-friendly bar open back in 1962: it was also the epicenter of where Spain’s gay rights movement began – rather violently, as it happens. Remember that 1962 was 61 years ago, as of this writing. For some, that might seem like an eternity. For those who experience the negativity, it is and has been an eternity. How far have we come? Click here to read more, courtesy of the always brave, always open-minded

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