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Long train runnin’ late

Without a shove, where would you be now?

Another railroad story for you and, sadly, it’s another one that doesn’t paint the USA’s Amtrak in the best of lights. And, to be sure, we like Amtrak and take it whenever we can, so we are not slagging the service at all. We’re merely presenting some balanced information about what Amtrak is, why it got there, why it still has problems and how it sees a way out.

To set the stage, outside the Northeast Corridor, Amtrak service is often slow and infrequent. The company’s worst performing train is delayed by an hour and a half on average. But the rail network says it has wanted to invest in new and improved routes for years. And what is Amtrak’s biggest obstacle? Freight railroads. Here’s why. Watch the video courtesy of Wall Street Journal.

Amtrak do try to keep with the current state of rail travel. Their facilities are current.

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