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Long stay in Europe? Take a goddess with you.

Car fans, especially those who have a penchant for European cars (like us) will certainly perk up when they hear the word DS. And what is that? Well, in France, the word for Goddess is Déesse. You may also remember the Citroën DS from many decades ago. Sleek, modern, filled with the newest technology, of which took literal decades for other car manufacturers to catch up.  The car’s bodywork was shaped for low aero drag. It introduced disc brakes and power steering. Its balance was so perfect, that you could drive even with one tire being flat. Amazing, to this day.

The latest version of the DS. Still stunning.

So, to the point. If you find yourself heading off to Europe, why not rent the new DS? Our affiliate friends, Auto Europe has partnered with DS Automobiles to offer their “Car-2-Europe” vehicle leasing program to travelers from the United States looking for a long term vehicle for their trip to Europe. DS Automobiles offers temporary transit to give travelers an alternative option to long term car rentals. Car-2-Europe DS was designed to simplify travel for visitors to Europe who are planning a longer stay. See below to book.

The original DS

These all-inclusive leasing packages provide travelers with a luxury-like experience where you’ll be provided with a brand new DS vehicle among a number of other benefits not typically found with traditional car rentals. Even better, Auto Europe is able to pass on additional savings for travelers from the US. Be sure to check out our car leasing deals in Europe for exclusive savings. Read on to learn more about the program and all of our 20 pick-up and drop off locations available in Europe. Click here to look and book.

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