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Let’s get away from it all, sort of.

For us anyway, it’s always a pleasure to look back into history – even if it was only a few decades ago – and match up where we were going to where we are going now. In some ways, not much has changed at all. You will still be offered some of the de rigueur locations for standard vacations available to almost anyone. This, of course, includes places like Venice, Paris and London etc.

But, just like now, there were hardy pioneers way back when, who stepped outside of the norm and took a path of a different kind. In those heady times, that included buying or renting a camper, or what are known as caravans, in the UK and Europe. They are the same basic conveyance: a house on wheels, as it were, with all mod cons.

Looking backward, it was a different game entirely. Roads were not as ready for moving “behemoths” such as that. Certainly, most countries were not prepared to take in the influx of these modern rolling miracles.

Back then, the wide open spaces were certainly not the campers themselves. But, my, how things have changed!

Compared to the almost “walking homes” that we have now, things are much easier and more appealing. So enjoy the video below with a grain of salt, and think about the sheer volume of options that you have nowadays when it comes to hiring camper vans and traveling around the globe. Want to try out camping for a month or two? AutoEurope have got campers galore. Click here to book yours.

Looking back, one of the most exciting activities in the 1950s and ’60s was the ability to travel using the latest technologies, which were camper vans or similar conveyances. Not everyone could afford them, but for those who did, it opened up huge vistas that might not have been available had it not been for these self-contained wonders.

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