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Keep on Chuuk’in

We are confident that you’ve come to our site because you’re looking for something new. Not the usual. If we think it might be boring or everyday, we will likely give it a miss and then look further afield for something else to tickle your fancy. And here in this post we have sun and fun and even more. Be the first of your friends and make a beeline for Chuuk. Chuuk, which is also known as Truk, is part of the Federated States of Micronesia and is famous for, amongst other things, its stunning lagoon, which is a popular destination for scuba diving due to the numerous World War II shipwrecks.

Visit the main island of Chuuk, Weno, and explore the local culture. You can visit traditional villages, experience the local cuisine, and interact with the friendly people. If you’re a scuba diver, you’ll squeal with delight in this sunny paradise. Explore the famous Chuuk Lagoon, home to over 60 Japanese warships sunk during World War II. Diving enthusiasts can explore these historic wrecks, which are now covered in vibrant coral and marine life.

Or, if even more relaxation is your thing, take a boat trip to Moen Island, where you can find beautiful beaches and enjoy some relaxation away from the main island.

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