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Jetlag, nyetlag. Pah!

We travel writers have a bevy of things to write about: we never go without. Everyday, a new “moment” or “must see” comes along to tantalize our readers’ forever-rampant appetite for the next big thing. Funny, though, that when you look back on travel content from days of yore, we find that there are still some chestnuts that never grow old, or never promote the new “twerk” of the moment. Instead. they bring you gentle reminders of how things used to be and, probably, will be forever, especially when you’re a 24×7 travel junkie.

So, what are we rambling on about? You guessed it: jetlag. We all want to make the most of our precious vacation time, but the sleep-disrupting impact of traveling different time zones can cut into that. Fortunately, there are ways to help yourself get over jet lag. Travel writer Sarah Thomas shares her tips. (See below.)

And here are some classic recommendations: shifting your schedule: ff possible, start adjusting your sleep and wake times to match your destination’s time zone a few days before your trip. Go to bed and wake up an hour earlier or later each day, depending on the direction of your travel. Take short walks and stretch during long flights to improve circulation and reduce fatigue. This next one could induce a whole lot of pain for some: gradually adjust your meal times to align with the new time zone. (I’m not sure I would survive that.)

Follow the New Time Zone: Go to bed and wake up according to the local time as soon as you arrive. And, finally, a big winner for us: Melatonin supplements. Click here find out more, courtesy of World Nomads.

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