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Jed, move away from there!

They say that Californie is the place you want to be. Swimming pools, movie stars, old (not Bo) derricks.

As if Southern California isn’t swimming in money as it is, they’ve also found a relatively new source of gold. It’s black gold, bubbling crude. Oil, that is. The California oil and gas industry has been a major economic and cultural component of the US state of California for over a century. Oil production was a minor factor in the 19th century, with kerosene replacing whale oil and lubricants becoming essential to the machine age. Oil became a major California industry in the 20th century with the discovery on new fields around Los Angeles and the San Joaquin Valley, and the dramatic increase in demand for gasoline to fuel automobiles and trucks.

In 1900 California pumped 4 million barrels (640,000 m3), nearly 5% of the national supply. Then came a series of major discoveries, and the state pumped 100 million bbl (16 million m3) in 1914, or 38% of the national supply.[1] In 2012 California produced 197 million bbl (31 million m3) of crude oil, out of the total 2,375 million bbl (378 million m3) of oil produced in the US, representing 8.3% of national production.[2] California drilling operations and oil production are concentrated primarily in Kern CountySan Joaquin Valley and the Los Angeles basin.

What’s fun for those of you who are not prospectors, is that you can drive around the valley and see these home-based derricks huffing and puffing away. Click here to learn more and actually see a few of them.

They’re not sitting on their hands when in comes to the future. Here’s an up-close photo of a solar enhanced oil recovery site in Kern County, CA, developed by GlassPoint Solar.

You’re in LA. You’ll want to look good. Sixt have some sexy cars for you. Click here.

You’ll need to get around. Roadtrippers are your best friends. Maps, advice and more. Click here.

Relax in this 3BR Panoramic Lake View, Sequoia Forest, Kern County. The holiday home has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, bed linen, towels, a flat-screen TV with streaming services, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a terrace with mountain views. There is also a seating area and a fireplace. Click here to book.

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