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Is your airline slow?

Reading the news recently, post-Covid it feels like everything is falling apart. Flights are delayed or – even worse – canceled with little or no warning. Some seasoned airlines don’t seem to be able or willing to solve on-the-ground problems with their flight schedule issues. Calling it frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe what paying customers encounter at the counter. Airline staff at the gates suffer the brunt as well – and in many cases, it simply isn’t their fault. So, what exactly is the problem, then?

If you’ve always suspected bad airline service is the quickest flight path to profits, then here’s your proof. A study by the University of Nevada, Reno, finds there’s no connection between customer satisfaction and an airline’s financial performance. That’s right, an airline can mishandle you and it won’t influence how much money it makes. Not a penny. Forbes Magazine looked into this and, what they uncovered will be enlightening at the least, and aggravating at the extreme. An airline can mistreat you and it won’t change how much money it makes for them. Not a penny. Read the entire article here courtesy of Forbes magazine.

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