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In tune in Thun

Thun, Switzerland. Many, many, many years ago, your editor was a part-time software consultant, and a part-time musician. As one benefit of the latter career, I was fortunate enough to tour Europe, making music over a number of separate tours. Even though I had been to the UK many, many times, the music and the European tours came much later. And, as is often the case, youth is wasted on the young (if you know what I mean), and, so, much of that heady time had been relegated to history in what’s left of my mind.

Now I’m running this website (which I hope you enjoy) and, as part of looking for interesting and unusual content for you, our treasured readers, I constantly seek new things. For example, watching YouTube a few days ago, looking for interesting topics, the Swiss city of Thun (pronounced like tune) popped up. On one of our tours, we had played and stayed there. The wheels in my cranium started to grind back into action and – next thing you know – I was searching maniacally to see what else I could find. I contacted my old bandmates and the European promoters who shuttled us around, made contact again and then – hey presto -wound the clock back all of those decades. It’s funny how you realise what you had when it disappears.

So, to the point: one place that we played that was (and still is) vivid in my memory is Thun, Switzerland. The venue was welcoming, the crowd were appreciative and made us feel like kings and – most of all – that blissful experience of stepping outside of the hotel into the warm Swiss sunshine of Thun. It was unforgettable. Ironically, just a few weeks back of this writing, a YouTube video popped up with a lovely spin around Thun. I had to see if it had changed. Join me as you we discover (or re-discover) this unassuming and charming city.

Take a walk on the mild side. Get In Thun, man. 

There is a very good chance that we stayed here, but it’s changed! Hotel Seepark Thun. Click here to book.

Take the train to and from Thun. Click here for Trainline’s rail offers and more.

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