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Ibiza: party smarty

Hey, 23-hour party people! You know who you are and where you like to go – one of which is Ibiza, Spain’s party jewel of the sea. Did you know that Tourism accounts for 84% of Ibiza’s GDP? The population of Ibiza swells from 152,000 to over 450,000 during peaks months of the summer holidays. That is a huge wave of activity in a very short period of time each year. And that keeps the tourism sector in Ibiza and Formentera busy, permanently employing over 10,000 people to keep you happy and raving and hungover.

But, and we guess that this is a natural by-product of your letting loose, but your partying can also leave quite a mess at the beaches and parks. It’s no surprise that this is not sustainable, so you’ll have to do your part after you do your partying. And here’s one way to do it. The group have got lots of idea for you. It’s a good way to gently nurse your hangover back into happiness, and make Ibiza – and the world – a better place for you and your offspring. You can stay there, chill, eat, relax, talk, make friends of all ages from all around the world and, at the end of the day, feel good – literally and figuratively. And help save your planet. And did you know that Ibiza is on the UNESCO list? Click here. We have more posts about Ibiza to keep you busy and informed. It’s an interesting place. Click here.

Click here for a 3D Virtual tour to learn more. Take a look at the grounds here.

Iberostar: the name says it all. Luxury, location, ahhh. Click here to book in Ibiza.

You’ll likely need a car in Ibiza. AutoEurope is your best choice. Click here.

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