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I should have known better

Please take this article with a grain of salt . . and perhaps more than a little fairy dust. It was, after all, posted on April 1, 2022 – April Fool’s Day in many countries, so it could just be the handiwork of some staff writer who is overtly playful or has a grudge against mankind.

Affiliate friends Fred. Olsen have announced a round-the-world new world cruise dedicated to the music of The Beatles. That sounds like a bit of heaven to us.


Sailing out of the band’s hometown Liverpool, this 2024 cruise will include a specially-commissioned yellow submarine to offer tours to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Fred. Olsen said that its itinerary planners have come together to “hand-craft” a voyage that follows – “as closely as possible” – in the footsteps of The Beatles when they embarked on their 1964 World Tour. It also features a call into Copenhagen to mark 60 years since the opening night in the city.

We have our fingers and legs crossed hoping that this is no joke. Read more here. Caveat emptor.

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