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I left my heart is Llan Francisco

No, that’s not a typo. That’s Welsh, home of our father, mother and assorted cousins scattered around the globe. And, when you shuttle yourself around the globe, you’ never know what you’ll see . . . or do. And here’s a great example, in – of all places – rural Wales. There, they can can rightly sing Tony Bennett‘s tune, as well. In the green, green grass of Llandudno. Years ago, the population faced a dilemma about how to get around their hilly, windy patch of earth. The existing method of traversing the town was cumbersome and expensive, as well as old. So what did the do? Put in a cable car, of course, and the town has been humming ever since. Watch the video below, courtesy of the always enjoyable (and quirky, thank the heavens) Tim Traveller.

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