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How to be nimble with your gimbal

All of us who love to travel and want to take back ace videos are always on the lookout for ways to make our creations even better. Luckily, the tools we have at our fingertips – drones and top-notch cameras and the like certainly make it a lot easier to look like a pro. So we thought we would share some top tips when it comes to using your gimbal. Getting good shots with a gimbal in video production requires a combination of technique, practice, and understanding the capabilities of your equipment. Here are some tips to help you achieve smooth and professional-looking footage with a gimbal.

Balance the Gimbal: Before shooting, ensure your gimbal is properly balanced with your camera. This step is crucial for achieving smooth stabilization. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for balancing your specific gimbal model.

Practice Basic Movements: Familiarize yourself with the basic movements of the gimbal – pan, tilt, and roll. Practice these movements slowly and steadily to avoid jerky shots.

Use Two Hands: Hold the gimbal with both hands to have better control over movements.

Maintain a Wide Stance: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart for better stability while shooting. This helps reduce unwanted movements and shakiness. Adjust your camera settings appropriately. Use a shutter speed that is double your frame rate (e.g., 1/50s for 24fps) to achieve natural motion blur. Shoot in the appropriate picture profile or log format to preserve dynamic range and allow for better color grading in post-production.

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