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Hey presto! You’re now in the BVI.

Some people have it tough. After huffing down one Mai Tai after another, they roll over the edge of their sun-chair and into a mouthful of sand. What to do? Well, order another Mai Tai to get rid of the sand, of course “Oh! but, where is my wallet?” It’s floating away into the clear blue sea. But then you trip over your chaise  longue. It isn’t easy being blessed, but it sure is fun. And, you must know that we know we’re not talking about you in particular. And, to be sure, we have never, ever partaken in this kind of mayhem. Never, and we stand by that. No soggy dollars for us. But, we might. And what a place to go and discover your limits

If you can’t make it to the BVI, watch the live video about what you’re missing. Or, you could even be watching this – live – from your lounger in your BVI hotel. The choice is yours.

The Soggy Dollar is not just simply poor water / money management, it’s also the name of a fabulous bar. The Jost Van Dyke is located in White Bay in the British Virgin Islands. (BVI) for short.

Once you’re ready for action, try some of these activities. Take it easy, though. Explore the Baths: Head to Virgin Gorda to discover the unique rock formations known as the Baths. These massive granite boulders create stunning grottoes and pools to explore. Or how about sailing around the islands: The BVI is famous for its sailing opportunities. Rent a boat or join a sailing tour to experience the beauty of the islands from the water. And if you want to dry out, take a scenic hike: Explore the nature trails and hills on Tortola, the largest island in the BVI. Sage Mountain National Park offers breathtaking views and diverse flora and fauna.

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