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Hey presto, you’re a Japanese racer!

Regular reader here? thank you! You mean the world to us. You’ll also know how much we love travel, rail, cars – especially classic cars, even though we know that they are not necessarily Mother Nature’s friend. But we do our best to keep our classics in tip-top shape to minimize the footprint. We also keep hoping that the rest of humankind will wake up, smell the fumes (and the fires,) and start taking rail seriously.

When we watch new videos on YouTube, we see that some plans are in motion, but it’s not keeping up with the depletion of our atmosphere and all that happens when we don’t get a move on. This creates quite a dichotomy for us, here, as you might agree. We love our classics, but what can we do to help?

Completely coincidentally, we very recently saw a rather spectacular classic Japanese sedan pass us on a motorway. It was easily from the 1980’s and was in spotless condition. I waved at the owner, and he did the same. Without uttering a sentence, we both acknowledged this automotive brotherhood of sorts. It shows a legacy that should be maintained by all classic owners – and it always does. We’re preserving history for us all, with true love and passion. But we still like to take them out a stretch their legs in the real world.

The Japanese cars are so distinctive, clever, made for smaller places and durable. But, what are the chances of being able to visit? Slim, or at least – hard to say. Ironically, I also stumbled upon the news is that there is a truly exciting classic car museum in Japan that is a must-see. So, imagine my thrill when I saw that they have put their entire museum online, and it’s one that – even if you’re nowhere near Japan – you will find yourself zooming in the museum itself. If you’re a car freak, this will blow your mind. Even if you’re not, you’ll be wowed by the online technology. Ready to visit the Motorcar Museum of Japan? This is excellent! But, what else would you expect from the Japanese? Click here to literally and / or virtually see what we mean.

Want to go? You can. With this admission ticket, you will have the opportunity to explore the Motorcar Museum of Japan and admire its extensive collection of historic Japanese vehicles and cars coming from all over the world. As you walk through the different exhibition halls, you will get to find around 500 cars, displayed according to brand and vehicle type, including some particularly valuable and exclusive models. Click here to book your tickets. If you can’t go, enjoy your virtual tour. Or do both!

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