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Here’s hoping: Amtrak is adding more trains

Sorry if we seem a bit repetitious and over-excited when it comes to rail travel. We have loads of articles (see here) about why rail is the way to go and why all travelers should use it when they can. The earth is on fire and now is the time to act to help mother nature cool down before we all go up in a puff of smoke.

So, when we see something coming out of the USA that indicates that things are finally happening there rail-wise, we pay attention to it. America has had a long history of rail success, but when automobiles finally nailed the country to the cross, rail withered away.

So, we were chuffed to see some big changes coming down the line (hopefully.) Amtrak said it has exercised a contract option and ordered 10 additional Airo trainsets for use on regional and state-supported routes, bringing to 83 the total number of the trainsets to be manufactured by Siemens Mobility at its plant in Sacramento, Calif. These are top of the line products and perhaps this indicates that the US will get going and be serious when it comes to rail.

Image courtesy of Amtrak. Doesn’t that look relaxing?

“We’re thrilled to satisfy the soaring demand for train travel with new state-of-the-art, American-made equipment that ensures the highest standards of comfort, service and amenities,” Amtrak President Roger Harris said in a press release issued today (Aug. 21). “These new trainsets will help us get people where they need to go, while reducing road and air congestion, creating jobs and supporting the American economy.”

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