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Help the street cats & dogs

Those of us who visit sites like ours (and so many others) sometimes take our travel trips for granted. Many of us are fortunate to be able to explore locations that may not be “standard issue” destinations. There are many poor countries around the globe, with kind, wonderful people and, when we can, we should share whatever we can with them. But, even more, we’re used to seeing stray animals, as well. For many travelers, the sight of domesticated animals living outdoors can have a mobilizing effect.

The children need help, as well. Do your best to do your part.

We may rush to their aid and, overcome by a desire to help, not fully consider the health, safety or cultural implications. We don’t think about the risks of handling those kittens until a friend rouses us from the cuddle pile with a warning text that simply read “ring worm.” It’s difficult to know where to start. Washington Post writer Andrea Sachs has given that some thought, and she writes “If you see any animal suffering, don’t walk by, but make an effort,” said Lisa Chastain, shelter manager at the Progressive Animal Welfare Society in Washington state. “Sometimes just giving food and water can go a long way.” Read more here.

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One thing to remember, as well, is that it’s entirely possible that these lovely animals also have owners who might also be struggling to survive. So, this is a chance to help both. But, it’s important to realize that both pet and owner may not want any help: empathy and awareness is the right approach here.

One way of helping is offering ways for those who are going without is to support them through organizations who assist and manage the disenfranchised through self-help programs. One of those is Novica. Supported in part by the National Geographic, this thinking initiative ensures that every purchase supports NOVICA’s mission to spread happiness by celebrating exploration, empowering artists, and preserving global culture. Novica Improve lives and uplift communities through the creation of incredible art and makes an impact in the world by purchasing handmade products directly from global artisans. And, of course, you can help by purchasing something from Novica. Click here to help.

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