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Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

No, it’s not the name of some new trendy Pale Ale. Still, we wish we could have been around when the first nations of Canada named this place. We would love to have seen the discourse and decision-making. We wonder who finally triumphed in the name game. Was it rock, paper, scissors? We wonder if, in the mists of time, they would have changed their minds somewhere down the road. We’ll never know.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is an archaeological site in the southern end of the Porcupine Hills in southwest Alberta. UNESCO marked it as a United Nations World Heritage Site in 1981. According to UNESCO, The importance of the landscape of Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump lies in its historical, archaeological and scientific properties. 

The thick, undisturbed strata of animal bones (mostly American Bison) underscore nearly 6,000 years of continuous residency with one longer period of not yet understood interrupted hunting. This topography is an superb example of subsistence hunting that persisted into the late 19th century and which still comprises part of the ‘traditional knowledge base’ of the Plains nations. It casts valuable light on the way of life and traditions of first nations hunting cultures elsewhere in the world. Read more here courtesy of UNESCO

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