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Gros Morne, everyone!

. . . and let’s park the Newfie jokes for now. We sometimes like to showcase Canada here on our site, and for several reasons. Number 1 – we live here and know a fair amount about the place. Number 2 – we would encourage you to come visit, as there is quite a bit to see and explore as you work your way across this vast country. And, number 3, Canada welcomes you, especially if you’re the type who likes to look beyond the everyday. Which leads us to Gros Morne. And this one is a corker!

First of all, it’s a UNESCO site since 1987, so it’s worth your while even more to support this admirable organization. Secondly, it is not your normal everyday vacation. Located on the west coast of the island of Newfoundland, Gros Morne park provides an uncommon example of the process of continental drift, This hypothesis, emanating from the early 20th century, says that Earth’s continents move or drift relative to each other over geologic time. More recent glacial action has resulted in some spectacular scenery, with coastal lowland, alpine plateau, fjords, glacial valleys, sheer cliffs, waterfalls and many pristine lakes. And, the latter are calling your name. Canada has loads of them. Learn more below.

Gros Morne National Park is big for hiker. the trails is a popular activity at Gros Morne. There are about 20 marked day trip trails, exploring coastal and interior areas of the park. One of the more strenuous day-hikes is the 16 km hike over Gros Morne Mountain. This trail is also called the James Callaghan Trail after the former British Prime Minister, who visited in 1976, in recognition of his conservation efforts. A small controversy arose after Callaghan did not visit the trail that had been named in his honour. The interior of the park can also be accessed, notably through the multi-day Long Range Traverse between Western Brook Pond and Gros Morne Mountain

Mountains come out of the sky. They stand there. You cannot comprehend the size until you go.

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