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Green and Fair

As the world gets bigger and rounder and fuller, unlike in other generations, we should be smarter and think about the planet, especially when we, as a species, are becoming richer and able to travel around the globe. It’s only when you step outside into the wider world that you realise what is available, but also what is at stake. Green and Fair is a relatively new initiative to save the planet while we share it. We believe tourism is a force for good, connecting people, promoting understanding and helping cultures thrive. That’s why our affiliate friends Musement (part of the bigger TUI organization, have introduced their Green & Fair experiences. Each experience has been checked via a process approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

You may ask, what does this mean? It means support for small business owners and projects in destination so that local communities can grow. Tour operators, restaurants and transport providers are often independent and family run. It means experiences that are designed to minimize their environmental impact, particularly in areas of high biodiversity. They may include eco-friendly transport, such as electric boats, and routes designed to reduce disruption to flora and fauna. They may also exclude single-use plastics. It all matters. Learn more about this important and worthy initiative here.

A great example of this approach and ethos is the ever-popular Alhambra, Alhambra, Generalife and Nasrid palaces skip-the-line guided tour. This experience meets the Global Sustainable Tourism Council criteria. By choosing this experience you can protect the places you love, care for the environment and support local communities. Join the tour and avoid the long lines at the entrance. Discover the imperial majesty of Granada’s Alhambra and its gorgeous Generalife Gardens with the help of an official tour guide.

On this tour, you will marvel at the Nasrid architecture, its Mocarabes arches, its evocative fountains and its lush gardens. You will also stroll through the botanical beauty of the Generalife Gardens, a royal summer retreat. Finally, this tour will also take you to the Palace of Charles V, a magnificent Renaissance inside the Nasrid fortification of the monument, and the Alcazaba, the fortified military complex. Click here to book.

OMIO have travel options of every kind. Take the bus to Alhambra. It just makes sense. Click here.

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