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Go Greyhound?

. . . and leave the driving to bus(es) Some of you here might recognize that little Greyhound jingle from when you were young. That was a long time ago and Greyhound has gone through a roller-coaster journey that almost has the thrills and spills that a real roller coaster would exert. In many cases, Greyhound was on life support. Old, decrepit buses, dodgy passengers, dystopian garages and waiting rooms, it was an adventure in danger for many. And many others had no choice.

But, it seems like life is being breathed over the sad remains of this once irreplaceable method of transport. One note to point out right away in this post is that the video is two years old, so there may be some updates that should have been coming from Greyhound. But, instead, the update – and it’s good news – is that European travel wunderkind OMIO have stepped in to pick up the slack.

And, even more encouraging is that ever-versatile Flixbus have also jumped in on the action. Buses can finally step forward and be proud to do their thing again. Want to see if for yourself? For OMIO’s choices, click here. You can also go wild with Flixbus. Click here for Flixbus options. Don’t forget Busbud, another go-getter when it comes to bus travel.

Busbud are making a big impression in bus services, worldwide. Click here to book.

You can always trust OMIO for complete travel options, including buses. Click here.

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