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Go green. And we mean go!

Every travel website with a conscience (including us) has been drumming on and on for years about making travel better. We’re not talking about more plush seats or a more luxurious balcony. No, this is about the physical and deliberate act of traveling, but better. This post has its genesis in the evergreen phrase coined by musician and musical wizard, Julian Cope: “there’s no getting around getting around.” It must be done, but even more, it must be done not only well, but better.

Going now to part two of this diatribe, how can we get around better? If you’re a cognizant being in this day and age, you’ll know that almost all countries (yes, even the USA) are running full speed ahead to implement better rail options in a hurry. And, once you buy your first ticket, hop on your first high-speed train and get to your destination at over 300km/h, you’ll be hooked: there’ll be no turning back – all jokes aside. Modern rail is quiet, relaxed, direct, flexible and getting ever-greener. This is what “green” promises and what the planet itself is crying out for. Read more about this important initiative. Click here.

So, we’re pleased to see one of our affiliate friends, Eurail, going big on this initiative. As the company says, there is a clear downside to exploring the Earth’s treasures. The environmental impact of the travel industry is significant. In the US alone, an estimated 30% of greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to transportation. We have the power to fix that.

But, Eurail’s mantra also highlights that when you’re planning a trip through Europe, rest assured that traveling with a Eurail Pass is your greenest option. The CO2 emissions of an average Eurail trip are about 3 times less per person than traveling the same route by car – and 4 times less than traveling by plane.  Rail is the future, now. What are you waiting for?

Train through Segovia, image by your editor. Yes, we were going that fast: 155 mph in old money. You could stand a coin on its edge.

When you choose Eurail, you have all of Europe at your fingertips. Be smart. Click here to book.

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