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Go go Ohrid

Hands up – how many of you have visited Ohrid? How many of you even know where it is? Surprisingly, even though it’s a part of wider Europe (Macedonia) it’s another one of those hidden gems. Located in North Macedonia, is a charming and historically rich destination that offers a load of attractions and experiences for tourists. Here’s a few reasons why you might want to check out Ohrid.

Firstly, it’s not over-run with tourists; this is not Paris or Venice. But, it offers some real diversions for the intrepid traveller. Ohrid is one of the oldest human settlements in Europe, with a history dating back over 2,000 years. It has been a center of culture, religion, and trade for centuries. The city’s historical significance is evident through its well-preserved architecture, ancient ruins, and numerous churches and monasteries.

Ohrid and its lake are designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to their cultural and natural value. The city is renowned for its medieval churches, many of which feature stunning frescoes, as well as its historical urban layout.

The city is situated on the shores of Lake Ohrid, one of the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe. The lake’s crystal-clear waters offer opportunities for various water activities, including swimming, boating, and fishing. The surrounding natural beauty adds to the overall appeal of the destination.

The Romans were everywhere, including Ohrid. The Amphitheatre there is in stunning condition.

Ready to eat well? You’ve come to the right place. Ohrid features rich, solid, filling food.

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