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Glamping, not cramping, your style

Camping is one of those love it / hate it propositions. Most of us are not in love with mosquitos. And, even in the summer, sleeping on the ground in a tent can be a lumpy and cold prospect. But, to be sure, the outdoor locations are usually mind-bogglingly beautiful, and you usually do go away from the adventure with fond memories and a solid resolve to do it again.

What is glamping?

For those not in the know, glamping is the latest trend for those who want to ease their way into mother nature’s treasures. What does that mean, you ask? Imagine taking your very own bedroom and dropping it into the middle of a forest or desert. Comfy beds, clean sheets and all of the things that you would hope to find in a hotel. Some places even have staff that will deliver wine and assorted tidbits. Sounds nice, no?

Do something different

Well, how about going one step beyond? Most glamping locations can be found in the USA, and that’s all well and good. But, what if you have the chance to glamp in a place that probably doesn’t spring immediately to mind – Slovenia. Part of Europe, Slovenia has the love of the outdoors mentality that is a foundation of European life. Even better, since it’s a bit of a shy cousin compared to Italy or France or Germany, you’ll find yourself by yourself, almost. The outdoors and solitude. Now, that sounds nice.

Take a look at Glamping Ribno, near Bled. Beautifully constructed of local wood, there is free wifi, a sauna and a wooden tub with hot water to relax in. A rich buffet breakfast is served in a nearby hotel. And, to top it off, Glamping Ribno is a Zero Waste hotel.

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