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If you read our website fairly regularly, you’ll know that we’re in love with the old fashioned. Historical buildings, timeless locations, options to not just read about the past, but to also be able to see it, touch it and feel like “we were there.” In every country, there are countless opportunities to do that. Europe has its castles, Asia its temples and statues. And North America’s sparse, but interesting, examples.

Visiting and exploring these places are endlessly fascinating, and they’re so plentiful in their offerings, that you’re beckoned to visit again and again.

But it’s not very often when you actually get to experience a piece of that history, where you can touch, explore and – in this case – travel in living history. Let us introduce you to Aliansa Aerolíneas. Based out of La Vanguardia Airport in Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia, this small but persistent airline has been serving the lesser-known parts of Columbia for over 30 years.

But why are we featuring them? For the simple fact that – even now -they fly the fabulous Douglas DC-3 aircraft, a propeller-driven airliner, which had a lasting effect on the airline industry in the 1930s to 1940s and World War II.  If it was good enough for Clark Gable (he owned one and we sat i it) it’s good enough for us. Where will you get the chance to literally experience history?

Unfortunately, Aliansa Aerolíneas are not available for us to book, but you can contact them here.

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